Are you having a baby?


Lance Herron Medical offers a full and comprehensive Obstetric Service from conception, to delivery, and during those first precious, rewarding and sometimes fraught first weeks.

So you are pregnant… Congratulations!

When you are first seen in pregnancy, I will check your general health, and organize some routine investigations.

These usually involve blood tests for Anaemia, Immunity to Hepatitis B and C, Rubella, Syphilis and HIV. A urine test may also be performed, looking for any evidence of infection. A scan may be done at the first visit to confirm your dates.

At 18-19 weeks, it is currently routine to have an Ultrasound scan performed to check on the baby’s development. This is done by Queensland X-Ray. At your next visit following this scan, we usually complete the booking paperwork for the Mater Hospital. Find out more about your morphology scan here.

At 26-28 weeks, there shall be a further blood test to check for development of diabetes in pregnancy and, if necessary, anaemia and blood group antibodies.
At 34-36 weeks, there may be a final blood test for anaemia and the development of antibodies.

You may be interested in antenatal classes and these can be arranged by contacting the Mater St Gerard’s Unit on 4965 5666.

After 20 weeks, my reception staff will be able to organize a timetable of your antenatal appointments. Some visits shall be with our Midwife. The incorporation of a highly skilled midwife into the practice allows us to increase antenatal education and screening.

If you have any concerns between these visits, please do not hesitate to contact my rooms and an extra visit may be arranged, if necessary. (Although, some queries may be able to be dealt with by phone, no phone consultations are possible). If Dr Herron is unavailable to take your call, a message will be taken and your call returned as soon as possible. Three (3) attempts will be made to return your call, at the nominated contact number. No detailed messages, however, will be left on answering machines. Please ensure that we have your current numbers, especially your mobile as we have SMS facility for appointment reminders.